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Social media, follow up, and the other 90% basics with Cesar Rincon

October 3, 2022

Show Notes

Author of 10 Secrets to Sales Success 
Using secrets for sales success with Cesar Rincon podcast episode 

Prioritize what’s important to you
Balancing life, things can overlap

Social media strategies
Keep it fluid
Not over posting business
Create curiosity, not blasting
They are quietly watching
Be consistent

Following up
Most of us it’s the weakest link
Just stay in the game
Staying in touch
Talk to new people

Sort fast
Sort again when they join

Your childhood dreams and goals
Time and freedom
Wanting to be supportive of your kids

Going to events
Recharge and plug in
Self belief
Learning the how and why

90% of the business is the basics
Invite, present and train

Bringing high energy
Don’t be obnoxious
We either give or suck energy
Health is a priority
You feel better, you do better
In the morning
Find the sweet spot

Lifting the lid
Follow this plan
Attend your first event 

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