The Networker Zone

Inspiring community, implementation, and leading by example with Keef Foster

October 13, 2022

Show Notes

Leading by example
49 pounds lost for his health and business
Wanting to get off of prescriptions

Participating in Facebook groups for inspiration
Challenge to use Facebook live
Notification on his friends list

Learn a skill and put it to work
Peer pressure to get 100% participation rate

Using a high school letterman jacket to show results
You can get back to where you want to get to
Whatever he’s doing I’m interested
I don’t know what it is, just tell me how much

They know me, it won’t be illegal
I don’t promote things all the time
Being a product of the product was the hardest lesson

Get in
Plug in and 
Stay in

You work so you can live, but we forget to actually live
Find time to balance

Going full time
Spending more time with the family, not on the side

If they can do it, I can do it
It’s the action

Became a customer first

Friend + family = framily

Don’t do for your team what they can do for themselves
We are here to teach people to teach people
This is a people business

Work faster
Don’t get emotional about the response

Vehicle is a drive time university

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