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How to Get Appointments with Bernie DeSouza

February 23, 2023

The Networker Zone Podcast > How to Get Appointments with Bernie DeSouza

Show Notes

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How to Get Appointments Without Rejection book 

Increase your belief to maximize your talent

Prospects don’t care about your features or benefits

They only care about their problems

We need to know word for word on how to get an appointment

4 key skills


Selling, closing

Ability to get appointments

Time management

Decision are made right away

Make a decision with no information

Made on emotion not logic

Have a normal conversation

Match pace and volume

Purpose of the call is to make an appointment

4 stages

1 Opening

2 Build rapport

Common ground

Well you know how

3 Ice breaker 

I’ve just found out

You might not be aware of this

4 Close

Would it be ok if

Comfortable, uncomfortable

Voicemail message

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