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Turning your Why Goal into action with Dean Fox

March 2, 2023

The Networker Zone Podcast > Turning your Why Goal into action with Dean Fox

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A purpose finds you

Try a bunch of stuff

Younger demographic come from a different environment

It’s all about communication

Communicate how the prospects likes to be communicated with

Adapt with the times

Improve your goal chances by 80%

If you chase two rabbits you’ll catch neither

Pick one goal to focus on

Focus stand for, Follow One Cause Until Successful

Improves our mind and activities

Interim goals along the way

Waypoints not multiple destinations

Ask why questions to find the goal

Creates the focus

What do you really want

Not generic language

How do you measure

Multitasking is a myth

Subconscious vs conscious mind

Build habits

Use a post it note with 3 things

Would I still go ahead and do it

Why would I do it

Does it take me or get me close to where I want to go

Distract or add value

Life isn’t short, most just wait far to long to start to live it

Time is irrelevant

3 days in 24 hours


Weekly live and share

Stay consistent

They are just doing more

Don’t compare if you can’t do the same activities

Run your own race

Change your pace or endpoint

Goal setting to goal getting

Dean Fox website 

Live events

In person connection

Short form videos match short attention spans


Provide value drives engagement

Watching a trailer

Read one book 50 times to implement vs 50 books one time

Think and Grow Rich

Solve for Happy 

What you think about is what you bring about

Free Magic Words for Prospecting audios